An Art Fest at Meseo Cup 2016

Date : 2016-Nov-03

Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM) or Student Executive Board of AMIK – STIBANKS Al Ma’soem held an arts festival, in the event of the closing of Meseo Cup 2016. Meseo Cup (Piala Mentri Seni dan Olah Raga) is an annual event held by BEM AMIK – STIBANKS Al Ma’soem to support the interest of the students in arts and sports through a healthy competition.

This is the 2nd year of Meseo Cup being held and for this year competitions BEM held three categories; Futsal (Mini Soccer), Volley Ball and CS: GO (video game). There are approximately 20 teams registered to compete on each category from every class, and this year the alumni also participating in the competition. To further motivate the students, BEM prepared a reward for each winner in every category. According to Dedi Jais, the former Mentri Seni dan Olah Raga of AMIK – STIBANKS Al Ma’soem, “Last year the total amount of prize winner was about Rp. 1 million, and according to the latest news, for this year Meseo Cup the prize winner seems to have increased significantly.”

“The winner of each category was rewarded with trophy, certificate and some money,” said Yanyan Suryana, the chairman of Executive Board of AMIK – STIBANKS Al Ma’soem. And what’s more interesting about Meseo Cup 2016 was that the closing ceremony was held with a bunch of arts performers from the students.

“A wide variety of art performances like dancing, singing, acoustic, poetry readings, acapella stand-up comedy and many other artistic performances presented by the students. The closing ceremony of Meseo Cup 2016 was open for public, so not only the students and alumni of AMIK – STIBANKS Al Ma’soem who were attended, some colleagues from other university were also attending the event,” according to Yanyan.

That was the first time BEM held an arts fest to commemorate the closing of an event in campus, and according to Yanyan the students welcomed it greatly. According to Pudir III Kemahasiswaan AMIK & STIBANKS Al Ma’soem, M. Rizky Wiryawan, S. Ip, M.T., “Through this event, the students could express their talents, exploring their potential or even just to showing their skill in front of their friends could bring many positive aspect for themselves. Since campus is a place for students to constantly develop themselves both in academic and non-academic to establish a professional and reliable graduate.”


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