English in Campus

Date : 2016-Jan-27

There is a new project here at Stibanks Al Ma’soem in 2016, and that is all of Stibanks community are encouraged to use English on their daily activities in campus. That is because in 2016 as part of Yayasan Al Ma’soem Bandung (YAMB) policy which explains that all Al Ma’soem employees are encouraged to use English as their way to communicate with each other. Nowadays students could easily find their lecturers and staffs communicating with each other using English. This is one of the methods that YAMB use to prepare their students in facing the Asean Economic Community (AEC) that is already set in motion.


This was arranged to make the Stibanks students accustomed to the language and hoped they could follow their lecturers’ example and start using English as the way to communicate in campus. As college students they are more prepared and advanced than their junior at SMP and SMA Al Ma’soem, therefore they should be able to start using English as their daily communication. While some of them have already start using English when they communicate with their lecturers or with the staffs, most of them still reluctant about it. When asked about the reason why they are still reluctant to use English as their daily communication, the answers were various but almost all of them said that they are still not confident to communicate with English.

Though, after so much encouraging and persuasions more and more of them eventually give in and have the courage to start using English on their daily communication. This is what Yayasan Al Ma’soem Bandung really expects and hopes; that all the students would be able to use English. It is still in an early stage and has a lot of room for improvements for the project, but as time goes by we all hope that it will gradually become a successful project.


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