Perk of being STIBANKS Graduate

Date : 2016-Feb-16

In Indonesia the practice of sharia economic system has been known since long time ago, although the actual practice of the system has not been started until 1992. The first sharia economic system that was introduced to our community was the sharia banking industry. Since then, the varieties of sharia based economic system have been very vastly improved. Not only the banking industry that has been affected it also affects many other economic corporation and small businesses.

Fast forward to 2016, the growth of the sharia economic system has been very remarkable and really promising, especially in the banking industry. Thus the needs of professional and capable individuals to fill out the empty posts in the banking industry are huge, and they are all urgently needed.

Surely all of these are greatly welcomed, but again the professional and capable individuals to fill-out the empty posts at all those sharia based economic corporations is just not enough; the demand of such individuals are still very high. Therefore, it is urgently need a very strategic measure to counter the already vast demand. One of the very basic actions to handle those demands is to provide the educational establishment of sharia based economic system.

Based on those ideas, many institutions of higher education i.e. university, are motivated to open the sharia banking department to the general public. Thus, as one who shared the same idea; STIBANKS Al Ma’soem opened. STIBANKS Al Ma’soem is the first and the only one educational institution in West Java which focused on the study of sharia banking system.

With this new development, it is hoped to answer the vast demand of professional and capable individuals in the sharia based economic system that is badly needed. To actually understand many things concerning the banking system, either sharia or conventional banking which there is not much difference to begin with, will eventually made the STIBANKS graduate to be very likely to be able to work in sharia and conventional bank. Thus, the possibility of STIBANKS graduate to work in bank is higer. With their set of skills that could handle both the sharia and the conventional system made them to be very viable to adapt with today’s demand.


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