Workshop – Share with Alumni

Date : 2016-May-12

There is this program at STIBANKS Al Ma’soem (with BEM assistance) where STIBANKS graduates gathers and giving (usually) the freshmen, the now-how and some knowledge they would like to share about the working community or the entrepreneur world. The program is called Share with Alumni, about three to four speakers usually come and share their experiences about their world after graduation. Share with Alumni is a program which is held once a year, and every year almost all the freshmen would come and take part in the event.

It’s not every year that the participants for the workshop are the freshmen, the senior students sometimes coming along and become participants; it’s understandable though since they are going to graduate soon. Surely the event is very informative; not only will it give the audience a glimpse of how the working environment and entrepreneurship usually operate, it also would give them the motivation they need.

With the incoming of the more than ever needed (so they said) AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) the competition between the jobseekers are fiercer than ever. With the AEC rolling, we, Indonesian will not only going to compete with our fellow countrymen but we are going to compete fiercely with other jobseekers from other countries.

Ain’t that great? Well to be honest everything has its perks; while we’re getting “invaded” by others, we could do the same to those countries. But it is not going to be an easy ride; we had to have the skills and motivation to be able fill any criteria those foreign companies need. Another alternative is become an entrepreneur. By being a successful entrepreneur, not only you’re going to have an ample amount of income you are also going to be able help your fellow countrymen by providing job opportunities to them.

That is why it is very essential for any college students to have any knowledge concerning job and entrepreneurship; it’ll help them prepare themselves facing for what’s to come. Every STIBANKS alumni who become speakers at “Share with Alumni” always underlining the how-important the PPL, PAL and PKL was to them. They said, “When engaging the working community any knowledge about the working world helps a lot.”


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